Under 12 Blue
Sun 03 Mar 2024
Tunbridge Wells Lions
Marle Place Wanderers
Under 12 Blue
Blue Travel to Beat First Place Lions

Blue Travel to Beat First Place Lions

Shawn Connors12 Mar - 12:38
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MPW Blue dismantle First Place

The Blue have been waiting a while for this one. We drew at our last meeting at ours 4 - 4 and we were waiting for revenge.
It was nearly an hour drive, plenty of time to think about our game plan and how we were going to execute it. We have been thinking about this match for quite a long time and training to win it.
The team was ready to play and to win and that was obvious from the first whistle. Our drill training every week is starting to cement and change our game. The Lions arrived and thought we would be a push over but they got a shock when we scored the first goal. An absolute hammer of a shot that the keeper stood no chance of saving.
At that moment, I thought this is it. We are on the board first. We were asking all the questions, we are going to win this. The Lions still tried to play their game but our defenders were having none of it. Our second goal was the beginning of the end of the end. It was a thing of beauty. Started from our centre back to CM, to RW wing who then drove the cross low and across goal for a lovely little tap in by our left winger. That wa the goal when they realised they were in trouble. So the Blue decided to add another before half time. 3 - 0 MPW Blue.
That first half was the best first half we have played all year. It was amazing.
We added another to make it 4 - 0 to ensure the win. Their biggest threat were the corners that wound down the match. The Lions managed to bounce one in somehow for consolation.
The end result was 4 - 1 MPW Blue. We took on the top team in the league and got the better of them. As coaches we could not be prouder of this group of players. Up the Place! Let's Go Blue!

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Sun 03 Mar 2024


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